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through recent readings including Oedipus, Existentialism is a Humanism and Letters to a Young Poet, a few things are becoming clearer and clearer and raising more questions too.

- everything is a choice, yet we lack information to choose responsibly. we don’t know what we can’t see or predict, yet we are responsible for the effects of our choices anyway. 

- Controlling our feelings may or may not be possible depending on a lot of things. It would be helpful to know when it is and when it is not possible. It is true as Sartre writes, “feelings are developed through the actions we take; therefore i cannot use them as guidelines for action.” Yet if there are no other guidelines, instinct is our only reason for action. This is a serious dilemma. 

- Because of these dilemmas, forgiveness is very very important. We don’t know what other people don’t know. If we don’t forgive, Shame and anguish create limit our controls that makes making choices even more impossible. 

- That means we have to forgive ourselves always and forever in order to live responsibly.

How can we simultaneously fathom the importance of our choices yet forgive immediately and completely? What does it take to have that ability?

To say that you are pretty would be like saying that the ocean is blue, cause the ocean is filled with all kinds of colors and I see all kinds of things when I look at you.

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"Filled with an enormous sense of well-being", 2014

Salvador Dalí ~ “Celestial Ride”, 1957

Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1971

Andrzej Mazur - ’Fading Love’
oil on canvas.


Beach House | Wishes

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Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2 by ros_with_a_prince on Flickr.
Brueghel, Jan t.e. - The Triumph of Death-detail#2


Tame Impala - It’s Not Meant to Be

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